Human Hamster Ball


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  • Size : 2m
  • Material: 0.8 mm pvc
  • Accessories: Air Pump, ¬†repairing kits, suitable plug
  • Usage: Yoga/Dancing/Training exercise/ Playing
  • Weight :+-¬† 12kg
  • Material: International standard 0.8mm PVC/TPU films which have high tensile strength, excellent abrasion resistance, outstanding flexibility, non-toxic
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Widely used on playgrounds, amusement parks, water games, holiday events, swimming pools and seashore and scenic spots


Q: Will I get wet?
A: No! This is a water proof product.

Q: How long can I stay inside a Water Ball?
A: We suggest 10 to 20 minutes each time.

Q: How old does a participant have to be?
A: All ages from 3 to 93 can enjoy the experience. However, we recommend that not more than 100kg weight inside the ball each time.

Q: How do I get into a Water Ball?
A: You climb inside the ball via a large zipper on one side. You then stand upright whilst a soft tube attached to a blower is placed through a gap in the zipper. The air blown into the sphere is cool and gentle. Once the ball is fully inflated the zipper is closed tight and the ball is ready for the water.

Q: How does the ball get into the water?
A: Once the ball is fully inflated, you can walk towards the play center. People outside can also help to guide the ball to the edge of the pool where you will sit down and push yourself onto the water.

Q: How do I get out of the Water Walker?
A: When its time to get out of the sphere, people outside can pull the sphere towards the side of the pool. You then simply kneel on the side of the pool, stand up and walk the sphere to a safe area where people outside will open the waterproof zipper allowing the air to escape and you simply step out of the ball.

Q: What happens if a Water Ball gets a puncture?
In the unlikely event of a puncture occurring, the sphere will deflate slowly in much the same way a bicycle tire would. There is no sudden rush of air outwards and the Sphere will not suddenly deflate. The ball can stay afloat for a long time posing no danger to the participant.

Q: Can the Water Ball sink?
A: Remember that you can lie on top of an inflatable airbed in a pool without sinking. An ball contains about 10 times the volume of air of an airbed, and therefore there is no risk of sinking.

PLEASE NOTE: Dab Tech and Electronics will not be held reliable for any injury or death caused whilst using this product.


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