Athleum Sports 11 Piece Resistance Bands Exercise Kit


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  • The world s smallest gym Whether you are a professional athlete or beginner with our high quality 12 piece set you have everything you need.
  • The 5 colored stackable tubes made of 100 natural double wall latex have been designed to fit all your individual needs as they come in 5 different resistance levels and can be used one at a time or combined to reach up to 64 different levels.
  • Limitless Exercises Challenge your upper body legs abs back or arms to increase your strength tone your muscles lose weight or just for stretching.
  • Create your own individual training plan and make this set your personal most cost effective fitness center and the ideal full body workout equipment at home the office or on the run.
  • Complete Exercise Guide.
  • We have included an exercise guide to give you an overview of the almost countless training possibilities of your resistance bands and an idea of how variedly they can be used for full body workouts targeting every single muscle group you can think of.
  • Variety of resistance levels.
  • The 5 colorful 125cm long tubes made of 100 two layer natural latex of different thicknesses allow you up to 64 resistance levels as these tubes can be combined to increase the load even more.
More details:
  • Elastic bands have been used in sport medicine physiotherapy and rehabilitation training for more than 20 years.
  • Today these colorful tubes are considered as the more effective alternative to free weights.
  • Resistance is exceptionally important for optimal muscle growth because it is much more effective to keep the maximum tension for the maximum possible time than lifting a constant weight e.g. dumbbells over the entire motion sequence.
  • Hollywood s top trainers advocate for the use of resistance bands for improving your fitness in a convenient way.
  • The Athleum Sports 11 Piece Resistance Band Kit is the perfect tool to allow you to experience this resistance training for all your muscle groups from the ease of your own home on the road or at the gym.
What comes in the box:
  • 5 x Tubes of different resistance levels.
  • 2 x Foam handles.
  • 2 x Neoprene padded foot straps.
  • 1 x Premium door anchor.
  • 1 x Carry bag.
  • 1 x Card with instruction manual exercise guide link.

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